procter If you’ve been following FWotC for a while, you’ll remember my post about the free kitchenware set from Procter & Gamble. I sent my form and proof of purchase in mid-October, so I became concerned this week when I hadn’t received it yet. I called the customer service line for the offer, and found out that I was indeed in the system – my order just hadn’t shipped yet. According to the representative I spoke with, the company received about 45,000 responses to the offer, which was many more times what they were expecting. (When will these companies learn?)

Anyhow, they are mailing the sets out as quickly as they can. Obviously, if you sent yours in promptly, you’ll get it before the people who sent it right near the 11/20/09 deadline. The rep also told me they are mailing out cards this week explaining the delay.

If you’re curious as to whether your form and receipts were received and approved, you can call the customer service line at (877) 733-5849. The rep couldn’t give me a shipping date, but told me to check back in mid-January if I hadn’t gotten anything by then.