chipssalsa If you live in one of the smaller towns in the DFW Metroplex, there’s a good chance that you live near a Brookshire’s, which is a regional grocery chain based out of Tyler. I don’t normally post grocery deals – I leave that to some of the black-belt coupon bloggers like Jen – but this one was so good I had to share!

At the front of every Brookshire’s you will find the normal stack of weekly circulars. But you’ll also find their “Celebrate Cooking” magazine, a monthly ad studded with recipes and monthlong specials. It also has coupons – most of them are manufacturer’s coupons that you can cut out and use at any store.  This month, there are two awesome coupons that will allow you to get 2 containers of salsa and 1 bag of chips for about $1.50.

The relevant coupons can be found on page 7. One is for $3 off your favorite chips when you buy any Wholly Salsa product (this is salsa that is refrigerated and sits in the produce case with the bagged lettuce). The other is a buy-one-get-one-free coupon on any Wholly Salsa. You can use these together – just grab two salsas and a bag of chips (preferably some under $3), the coupons, and take them to the register. The salsas are $1.50 this week, so you end up getting two salsas and a bag of chips for just a buck and a half!

You can see the Celebrate Cooking circular at I don’t think you can print the coupons from the website, though – they’re not high-res enough.

I confess that I am overloaded with salsa right now. I won a 4-pack of salsa from Mrs. Renfro’s last week and I have been steadily working my way through their Raspberry Chipotle. (It’s awesome!) And now I have these Wholly Salsas, which have a shorter shelf life because they’re in plastic containers rather than jars. So I have to eat them, in some fashion, sometime soon. Anyone have any creative ideas?

Photo courtesy of cyclone bill via a Creative Commons license.