centralmarket I admit, my tightwad tendencies keep me from visiting Central Market very often. But the specials they’ve got going on this week might be enough to get a cheapskate like me through the door. Click this link to take a look at their weekly specials (PDF format). Skip to the end of the document to see this week’s Foodie Freebies – if you buy a package of their tamales at $9.49, you’ll get a free 16-oz bag of Spanish rice and a free 16-oz bag of borracho beans. These items would retail for a total of $7.98, so getting them free is quite a steal. And $9.49 isn’t a bad price to get everything you need for a great Mexican meal.

Their second special is a free 32-oz bottle of earth-friendly Seventh Generation cleaner when you buy a 3-roll pack of Seventh Generation paper towels for $3.49.  The cleaner is normally $3.59. You can make it an even better deal by using a $1 printable coupon from Seventh Generation, available here. $2.49 for 3 rolls of towels and a bottle of cleaner is a great deal!

These specials are in effect until Wednesday, April 28. Happy shopping!