restaurants with playgrounds dallas fort worth

Sometimes, you just want to kick back and have a meal without worrying about entertaining the kids. You could hit up the local fast food restaurant playground but sometimes, you just want better food. Whether you’re looking for a traditional playground or a restaurant which will distract the little ones, we’ve got it all.

Here is our Guide to Restaurants with Playgrounds in DFW:



Hat Creek Burger Co.- This family-friendly restaurant offers great food the kids will love, plus indoor/outdoor big screens and a unique play area.

The LOT– Named Dallas’ Best Patio, this bar and restaurant has events and adventures waiting for you! There are wide open space, picnic seating, and a play area for kids.

The Magic Time Machine– This restaurant does not actually have a playground but you’ll see why we keep it on the list. The Magic Time Machine is so unique, there are no words to describe it but we guarantee the kids will be entertained. Make sure you bring them to the “salad car”!

Nico’s Cocina– If you’re on the hunt for delicious Mexican food and don’t mind driving a little way out of town, grab the kids and head to Nico’s. You will love the food and the vibe plus the have a playground!

Truck Yard– This chain restaurant is anything but typical. Made up of a maze of food trucks set upon an open patio with treehouses, a stage, and open spaces. They are family-friendly before 9 pm but you’ll want to go in the mornings for the most space.



Game Theory– Forget playgrounds, this restaurant is dedicated to board games! Each person over the age of 7 pays a $5 Library Fee, which is waived when you spend at least $10 on food and drinks. Kids under age 7 always play for free. Plus, if you don’t play, you don’t pay the fee. Parents and caregivers can just come for a meal!

Grub Burger Bar– Looks can be deceiving! This upscale burger bar does not look like it would cater to kids but it’s totally family-friendly! Get the kids a shake and lead them to the patio playground.

The Point on Lake Worth– The world is your playground! This restaurant sits right on the edge of Lake Worth and has plenty of room to run. Enjoy your meal on picnic-style seating in the great outdoors. There isn’t actually a playground but there is room for the kids to play without running into anyone.

Coyote Drive In– This is one place where you can get dinner, a movie, and let the kids play on a real playground! Admission is included with the price of your ticket.


Did we miss any great restaurants with room for kids to play? Tell us your favorite Dallas-Fort Worth restaurants with playgrounds! Leave a comment below so everyone can have the details: