schoolsupplies The free-school-supplies deal at CVS continues for another week. This week, you can get five different items at no cost when you factor in the Extrabucks that you receive.

For those who have never done CVS shopping, here’s how it works: When you buy certain items at CVS and use your frequent-shopper card (your ExtraCare card), you will get ExtraBucks, which are little slips of paper that print on your receipt good towards your next purchase. They work just like cash, and the only thing you can’t spend them on is cigarettes and gift cards (I think those are the only limitations). You can get an ExtraCare card free at the register on the spot.

These items are free after ExtraBucks through Tuesday, July 21. All are limit of 2 like items per ExtraCare card:

Caliber or CVS Brand memo book, 99 cents, get a 99 cent Extrabuck
Caliber or CVS No. 2 pencils, 1.99, get a 1.99 Extrabuck
1-inch vinyl binder, 3.00, get a $3 Extrabuck
10-ct Paper Mate pens, 99 cents, get a 99 cent Extrabuck
Caliber or CVS 150-sheet notebook paper, $2, get a $2 Extrabuck

There are also other items on sale all this week that are free after Extrabucks too. CVS brand pantiliners are 89 cents with an 89 cent Extrabuck, and Kodak Picture Movie DVDs are $9.99, with a $9.99 Extrabuck in return.

If your store is out of a particular item when you arrive, remember to ask for a raincheck so you can get your stuff at the same price the following week.

Photo courtesy of Claudia Snell via a Creative Commons license.