ace I’m sure you’ve been reading up on the Black Friday sales and (if you’re crazy like me) making a shopping plan. (Haven’t seen the ads yet? Check them out on There are some good deals to be had, but nothing is a better deal than free – and your local Ace Hardware is offering free-after-rebate items at its Black Friday sale.

According to their ad that I received today, they will have these items for free: a 38-piece racheting screwdriver set and a Stanley staple gun. They cost $4.99 each at the store, then you send in your rebate and get a $9.98 check. Not a bad deal if you’re shopping for a DIYer this year!

The doors open at 7 a.m., so you should have plenty of time to shop the 4 a.m. sales at Kohl’s and the like before making your way over there. But don’t drag your feet – the ad says that approximately 20 of each of these free items are stocked at each store, so they’ll go quickly.

They’re also having other good after-rebate deals at Ace, like a 20-pc screwdriver set for $4.99, a Shop-Vac for $19.99 and a combination wrench set for $4.99. See their ad here.

While you’re on their site, join their free Ace Rewards program – once you’re a member, you’ll get access to special discounts and gain the ability to submit your rebates completely online.