Dallas Fort Worth snow cones and shaved ice shops

10 Best Snow Cone Shops and Shaved Ice Places in Dallas Fort Worth

What’s better in summertime than a quick stop at the local snow cone shop to cool off in the rising heat? And what if snow cones in Dallas Fort Worth are more than just your average ice in a cup?

Check out these 10 snow cone and shaved ice shops in Dallas Fort Worth and all the different flavors and specials they have up for grabs that will make for a terrific chill to bring down the summer heat.

Dallas Fort Worth snow cones and shaved ice

Top Snow Cones in Dallas Fort Worth

Sol y Luna Snowball

This space has some of the best shaved ice and snow cone flavors in Dallas Fort Worth. Image courtesy: Yelp

Check out this exciting space for snow cones and shaved ice in Dallas Fort Worth that is lip smacking goodness. Along with your usual classic flavors, there are other amazing options to choose from like the Strawberry Jubilee, the Sweet or Spicy Tornado and some Mexican varieties like tamarind and the diablito, a delicious concoction made of lime and chili.
Where: 3319 Hulen St Fort Worth, TX 76107

Ice Me Out Snow Cones

Popular at this New Orleans-style snow cone shop are the pineapple filled snow cones which are literally served in the outer casing of a pineapple. Soft shaved snow, southern style cool-aid pickles and some yummy pineapple chunks at the bottom of your snow cone container have all the makings of a perfect summer snack.
Where: 4001 Sycamore School Rd Fort Worth, TX 76133

Hawaiian Snow

Try out some cool and different combos at this Hawaiian themed snow cone store in Dallas Fort Worth.

Great classic flavors and other out of the box combos like the pink lemonade and watermelon are some of the must haves at this Hawaiian space. The Kool-Aid pickles come highly recommended as do the soft snow cones that will completely melt in your mouth. Try the strawberry and banana, the Cry Baby Blue or the traditional Rainbow or Tiger’s Blood with cream while you’re here.
Where: 1316 Sycamore School Rd Fort Worth, TX 76134

It’s Snow Worth It

At this classic shaved ice spot in Dallas Fort Worth, check out some New Orleans-styled snowballs or snow cones topped off with condensed milk, whole pickles, whipped cream, marshmallow cream and lots more. A great place to hang out with the family and kids, it offers a number of great flavors. And right when you think the good part of your snow cone is over, keep digging in to find some ice cream hidden there!
Where: 1601 Western Ctr Fort Worth, TX 76131

Pelican’s SnoBalls

Check out this shaved ice place in Dallas Fort Worth. Image courtesy: Yelp

Bringing creamy, New Orleans inspired snow cones to a hot Texas day is Pelican’s SnoBalls which serves cream and ice cream with some of your most classic flavors. If you’re a dog parent, this is a great place for you because it has on offer little pup cups for your furry friends who feel the scorching summer heat too!
Where: 6517 Camp Bowie Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76116

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Dallas Fort Worth snow cones and shaved ice (contd…)

Best Shaved Ice in Dallas Fort Worth

Mr Jon’s Shaved Ice

Get a taste of New Orleans at this shaved ice place in Dallas Fort Worth that offers saturated cotton candy and cream flavors. Each shaved ice comes with a DumDum lollipop, say reviewers, that makes for a nice added summer treat. The Pina colada, Cherry Vanilla and Tequila Sunrise are some must haves at this place.
Where: 5200 Camp Bowie Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76107

Bahama’s Bucks

This cool snack will make for a great refresher in summertime. Image courtesy: Yelp

At this space, up on the menu are some 100 different kinds of shaved ice flavors that you can choose from. Of the various shaved ices in this Dallas joint, try out the Oreo Cookie and the Snickerdoodle as well as the thin ice, sugar free flavors. You can also ask for some sugar free crème if you’re on something of a health kick.
Where: 2600 West 7th St Ste 181 Fort Worth, TX 76107

Funky Munky-Cowtown

With a ton of flavors and really cool options to choose from, this shaved ice place is ideal to ward off summer blues. You have the option of putting great add-ons atop your classic choices like candy, cream, syrups and ice cream and a ton of flavors to choose from including Banana Pudding, Beach Bum, Dirty Munky, Mt. Saint Sprinkles and more!
Where: 4449 Camp Bowie Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76107

Vintage Ice

Try this place out if you haven’t already for some good quality shaved ice topped with delicious syrupy goodness. Sugar free options are available in certain flavors like Banana, Tiger’s Blood and Root Beer and there are some specials too, including one that’s called Jaws and another called Curious George.
Where: 412 Commerce St Lions Club Parking Lot Azle, TX 76020

Bedford Snoball

Check out this snow cone place which has been around for nearly four decades. Image courtesy: Bedford Snoball

This place has been around for quite a while and has been offering some gourmet shaved ice and snow cone varieties since the last four decades. Classics like Strawberry Shortcake and Snickerdoodles are must haves but visit this place also for its ambience where you can sit and relax and enjoy your snow cone with family and friends. There’s a play area for kids to run around and have fun too!
Where: 2201 Pipeline Rd Bedford, TX 76022


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