Every year around this time, Texans step out with their picnic blankets, cameras, and their Sunday best all in the name of Bluebonnets. Families, dog-moms, and nature-lovers alike flock to the hill country where Bluebonnets are most abundant. But you don’t have to go to the Hill Country to find the famous blue petals; you can find them right here in DFW!


The recent winter storm Uri was harsh on people, plants and animals of Dallas Fort Worth and Texas in general. A number of people are concerned whether the cold snap has impacted bluebonnets negatively. The short and good news is that bluebonnets are expected this year as well, around the end of March and beginning of April for most of Texas. Check out our article for more details about bluebonnets and opinion of Texas experts on when to expect bluebonnets this year.


But before we talk about where to find bluebonnets in Dallas Fort Worth, there are a few things you need to know:

  • Respect nature–The bluebonnets in Dallas Fort Worth are beautiful, and we want to keep them that way. When you go to visit a bluebonnet field, be very careful walking around. A lot of people ask “Is it illegal to pick bluebonnets in Texas?” Answer is No. However, it is important to be courteous and let other Texans enjoy them as well. Don’t trample the flowers, do not pick them. And if you see a bluebonnet patch in someone’s yard or private property, do not enter.
  • Stay safe–In your excitement to enjoy the bluebonnets and to take your photos, don’t be careless and disregard safety. Some Dallas Fort Worth bluebonnet patches may be near busy roads, so make sure your kids don’t run out into traffic. Also, be on the lookout for ant beds, mosquitoes, and even snakes in some cases.
  • Don’t hog the spotlight–There’s a good chance you won’t be the only one visiting the bluebonnet patch. If others are around, make sure you’re sharing the space and everyone gets a chance for their photo op.
  • Take great pictures– You don’t have to be an expert photographer to take stellar bluebonnet photos. Check out this top for 10 simple tips to remember while taking bluebonnet pictures.


Please keep in mind that by no means does this list detail every single DFW-area bluebonnet patch. Additionally, things can change quickly due to nature and other forces.

With that in mind, here are some proven areas that typically offer great bluebonnet sightings around the area (some will require a little driving):

Botanic Research Institute of Texas– This Fort Worth institution is free, open to the public, and has their own bluebonnet patches!

Carrollton– Both the McInnish Park & Sports Complex as well as the Mary Heads Carter Park are reported to have thick patches of the lovely blue flower.

Cedar Hill State Park – Bring your bike and ride down the Dorba Bike Trail. The blue favorites may bloom early so make plans to head out soon.

Ennis, Texas – The “Official Bluebonnet City of Texas” is hosting their official Texas Bluebonnet Trail throughout the month of April.

Flower Mound – The name says it all. Head over to Garden Ridge Boulevard near FM 3040 for some awesome photo-ops.

Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge – Your photo-ops here won’t be free but you can get in for cheap. Adults are $5, kids under 12 are $3 and kids under 3 are free!

Garland, Texas Hayes Park near South Country Club Road has a small patch near the forest.

Irving, Texas – Right off of the 3500 Block of Cistercian Road near Highway 114.

Native Texas Park – This urban park is reported to have patches all over, especially near the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

Plano, Texas – This area of Texas has their own patch on the Bluebonnet Trail. You’ll find them near Independence & Coit Roads.

Tandy Hills Natural Area – This reserve has trails all along View Street and it’s free!

Have you spotted the Texas Bluebonnets in other patches near Dallas Fort Worth? Tell us where in the comments: