dinnerplate If you’re a regular visitor to my site, you’ll notice that the little Restaurant.com button to the right of my latest post (or at the bottom of the post, if you’re viewing in single-post format) is now a different color. That’s because Restaurant.com is having the best sale they’ve ever had – 90 percent off their certificates! This means you can get a dining certificate good for $25 worth of food, for just $1.

This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen for these $25 certificates. To take advantage of the offer, click the green button, select your certificates, and enter the code “NINETY” when you check out. This is a great way to try a new restaurant for cheap, and they also make great gifts – you print the certificate right at home and the recipient doesn’t have any way of knowing how much you paid for it.

I bought a certificate to Simply Fondue in Arlington for my hubby and me to use on our next date night, and two certificates to out of town restaurants local to my little sister – all for a grand total of $3!

What are you waiting for? Click the green button and buy today. The offer ends tonight, Sept. 13, 2009, at midnight.

Photo courtesy of EraPhernalia Vintage via a Creative Commons license.